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6 Reasons to Blog

Here are some cool blog stats that will open your eyes and mind to the possibilities of blogging:

  • 40 percent of companies in the US use blogging as part of their marketing strategy
  • Companies with blogs enjoy 55 percent more viewership than those who do not
  • B2C companies with blog enjoy 88 percent more leads than those who do not
  • For B2B companies, it is 67 percent

So now you know why you need a blog.

Organic Traffic Matters

You can choose PPC marketing and buy Facebook ads, but organic traffic still matters because you are essentially delivering what people are actively looking for. This is the beauty of organic traffic, and with a blog that is regularly updated with fresh and meaty content on a consistent basis, you know you have your ground covered.

Blogging is Forever

You only have to create content for your blog once and after you have posted it, and shared and promoted it, the content will continue to work for you forever. This is especially true for evergreen topics and how-to guides series. People are always looking for help and blogging is a salient way to offer that help.

You are Alive and Thriving

What is worse than having no blog – a dead blog! A dead blog symbolizes a dead company, a company that is no longer active. A static site with no blog showcases a faint idea of abandonment. It shows that you don’t care enough even if you do. You don’t want to be that company. So start a blog to show that you still care, that you are still alive and thriving and actively looking for new clients to work with. Do not let your blog die.

Trust is Hard to Gain

In the era of instant gratification and scams that are littered across the pages of the Internet, trust is fast becoming a novelty that is hard to come by. If your prospects don’t trust you, why will they choose to work with you? A blog can be an excellent tool for winning that trust which is so crucial to the success of your business. It will also help establish your authority in your respective field.

It Welcomes you to the World

Instead of sellers, it’s the buyers who now hold all the cards in their hands. Information is free and widely available as well as accessible, and if you are not sharing information from your end, you are not contributing. You are not invited to sit on the table. You are not welcomed. Share useful info with prospects even before they choose to interact with you via your blog and they will thank you for it. Instant gratification.

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