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Optimizing on Email Marketing – Our Takeaways from 2017

Emails are just as effective in evoking emotions as a signed, sealed letter, sent with care and best wishes! So, why don’t business owners and marketers really know how to utilize it?

We suspect, it’s likely hesitation — due to a lack of SEO understanding, a clear brand content marketing strategy, or perhaps, it’s an unexplored gap in identifying your own business’s brand ethos. Worst yet, it could simply be a mismatch in target market segmentation and potential persona mapping. Whatever the reasons may be, it’s crucial to understand what email marketing can do to generate expected leads and to help expand unexpected target audiences. With our vast experience in marketing consulting, we know that more genuine and authentic conversations — mean more organic growth!

Emails also transfer as easily as verbal mentions. Although email marketing is equally important as compared to organic (SEO) and paid search (PPC), in some campaigns — it can drive even a higher volume of sales/conversions in comparison to other channels…We have shared some thoughts on LinkedIn, read the full article of Email Marketing and What It Means in 2018!

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