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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Getting Ranked in 2018!

As a digital marketing agency, McPherson Marketing Group is entrusted to make your business and efforts more noticeable. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done well, should drive traffic to your website. Easier said than done — in an ever-evolving digital environment where page-1 of Google is where most online users stop and find what they are looking for. Even the most unique of businesses in Raleigh find organic SEO to be a challenge.

The reason could be due to a lack of time and money invested, or a business just may not be a large enough brand to have built up a significant digital footprint. SEO is often an investment made by the bigger players. Smaller businesses usually have less clout to leverage on for link building and media coverage

So much of SEO and SEA, as a technical aspect of digital marketing, is often misinterpreted as a standalone solution, and the information is usually available in fragments. It takes time to gather relevant industry insights to be able to apply what will work for your business and intended customer base. Going through Google’s 32-page SEO starter guide is not exactly a breeze, but definitely a great start!

Check out the full article on LinkedIn for insights on how to boost your organic search traffic.

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