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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Getting Ranked in 2018!


As a digital marketing agency, McPherson Marketing Group is entrusted to make your business and efforts more noticeable. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done well, should drive traffic to your website. Easier said than done — in an ever-evolving digital environment where page-1 of Google is where most online users stop and find what they are looking for. Even [...]

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Getting Ranked in 2018!2018-05-17T22:10:25+00:00

Own Your Brand: Concurring Reviews & Reputation Management!


At McPherson Marketing Group, we look to reviews as a clear insight into customer behavior. Individuals who take the time to make online reviews are most likely the very 40% of your clientele who make repeat purchases. Their behaviors are worth tracking! The trick is not to wait for a crisis to happen – or for an [...]

Own Your Brand: Concurring Reviews & Reputation Management!2018-08-13T22:45:32+00:00

Optimizing on Email Marketing – Our ‘Personalized’ Takeaways from 2017


Emails are just as effective in evoking emotions as a signed, sealed letter, sent with care and best wishes! So, why don’t business owners and marketers really know how to utilize it? We suspect, it’s likely hesitation — due to a lack of SEO understanding, a clear brand content marketing strategy, or perhaps, it’s an [...]

Optimizing on Email Marketing – Our ‘Personalized’ Takeaways from 20172018-05-02T16:58:21+00:00

MMG Announces Redesigned Website


The newly redesigned website features the Four Step Marketing Blueprint ROLESVILLE, NC – NOVEMBER 28, 2017 – McPherson Marketing Group is proud to announce a newly redesigned website, filled with features to benefit all of our potential customers. The website allows customers to easily learn about what services the digital marketing agency offers. McPherson Marketing [...]

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6 Reasons to Blog


You have a business but you are looking for additional ways to have your business found on the Internet. If this situation resonates with you, you need a blog―you need a voice! Here are 6 reasons why your business needs a blog today: Stats Don’t Lie Here are some cool blog stats [...]

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The 7 Functions of a Digital Marketing Consultant


Within the ever-present growth of the digital landscape, there is an increasingly present need for digital marketing consultants. This holds true not only in large organizations but also among SMEs that seek to create an Internet presence. Because the digital landscape is a relatively expanding area and still unknown to some entrepreneurs, digital marketing [...]

The 7 Functions of a Digital Marketing Consultant2018-05-02T16:35:09+00:00

Logo Design and Branding


Every company needs to establish their identity. A good way to accomplish this is through a well-designed logo and branding strategy. Such a process helps establish a unique appearance for your organization’s brand. Typically, the name and logo of the company should lineup with the products and services that you offer. This just makes [...]

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The Importance of Search Engine Optimization


SEO has become the go-to marketing strategy for businesses that are looking to generate leads and increase traffic. Even though newer forms of marketing strategies keep hitting the headlines, SEO remains the king. This is because you are targeting searchers who are specifically looking for your products and services. Here are five reasons why [...]

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization2018-05-17T22:16:21+00:00