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The 7 Functions of a Digital Marketing Consultant

Within the ever-present growth of the digital landscape, there is an increasingly present need for digital marketing consultants. This holds true not only in large organizations but also among SMEs that seek to create an Internet presence.

Because the digital landscape is a relatively expanding area and still unknown to some entrepreneurs, digital marketing consultants become that much more necessary in terms of guiding and structuring digital and investment decisions within these organizations.

In today’s society, companies are becoming more aware that digital marketing requires qualified professionals and that a solid digital marketing strategy that brings real results cannot be implemented by the nephew who “tinkers around with the Internet.”

As digital marketing consultants, we support organizations and their leaders in helping them understand and define the best alternatives in the online advertising market. It is the role of the digital marketing consultant to have the best interest of the company at hand, list the various options available, identify the costs and results, and to guide and support the decisions of the actual decision makers.

The 7 functions of a digital marketing consultant

1. Generation of content to attract potential clients

Content is referred to as King, therefore, the planning and generation of content according to an organizations marketing objectives should be a systematic approach. Although the generation of content can be one of the most tedious tasks in terms of time spent, any good digital marketing consultant is willing to put in the work to successively form a team that follows the necessary steps to deliver and align within that specific organization’s vision.

2. Automation of internal and external processes for customer acquisition and management

Optimizing time is another very important function of a digital marketing consultant. That is a key reason why we put so much emphasis and weight into automation. Automation is important in regard to all kinds of processes within an organization, both internal for a better flow of work and communication, and external when communicating with potential, current, and past clients. Knowing how to use resources to your advantage to help increase profitability is one of the major pending issues in the field of online marketing today.

3. Realization and presentation of marketing proposals for potential clients

Helping to identify and capture new clients is one of the primary functions of a consultant. Therefore, it is important to have market research available when addressing specific sectors and problems within the digital landscape. One of the best ways to earn a client utilizing your services is to indicate a problematic element in their company that you know how to improve.

The world of digital marketing is a highly competitive market, which is why it is so difficult at times to value our work. However, it is essential that we value our work as consultants and experts, because we consistently add value

4. Training of clients and teams

A consultant enters a company as an advisor and not as the actual decision maker or executor of actions. In order to maximize your time as a consultant and get the company headed in the right direction based on their vision, it is essential to address the various stages of training that may come into play regarding the management, marketing, production, and distribution teams.

5. Audits and reports in digital marketing

Performing audits and completing periodic reports for organizations is another key function of a consultant. These audits and periodic reports help analyze the current state of a company’s digital marketing campaign. They also help provide a full analysis of an organizations strengths and weaknesses which helps you demonstrate improvements and to further optimize the current strategies put in place.

6. Design of strategic plans, manuals, processes and work resources for clients

Strategies for capturing leads, inbound marketing, content marketing, SEO, social networks… All these elements should be integrated into a strategic plan that is incorporated into the processes, resources, equipment, and functions, within organizations corresponding work manuals for subsequent implementation.

7. Implementations and supervision of clients

Once all the strategies are integrated into an action plan with all the necessary resources, it is of vital importance to carry out the correct implementation and supervision of the identified action plan. During this phase, new problems will be detected that can be solved and incorporated into the improvement of any strategic plans moving forward.

When to hire an online marketing consultant

In general, companies are realizing the importance of hiring a digital marketing consultant or agency. The problem is when they think of hiring a digital agency or an individual online service provider they have a hard time deciding on who to actually hire or who they would like to oversee the execution process. Although this issue is a very common situation in today’s marketplace, it’s a very easy hurdle to jump in the pursuit of success. As an organization, it is important to realize that we live in a technologically based society. A digital marketing consultant should be hired any time an organization is ready to embrace technology, innovate and improve their digital footprint.



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